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Dr. Stephen Wasserman

General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Stephen Wasserman graduated from University of Toronto with a BSc in 1971 and his Dental degree in 1975. He has been practicing at Woodside Square for the past 40 years, since the Mall opened in 1977. Dentistry has changed a lot in that period of time, with great advancements in technology. His goal is to provide each patient modern dental techniques, with special attention to comfort and care.

Dr. Wasserman provides all types of services, which include white tooth colour fillings only, a mercury free practice, various cosmetic dental options, aesthetic crowns and bridges, implant restorations, non surgical gum treatments, advanced root canal therapy, aesthetic full and partial dentures, removable orthodontic appliances, children’s dentistry, conscious sedation with nitrous oxide, and gentle pain control techniques.

He also uses a comfortable energy system test using applied kinesiology that aids in diagnosis. In addition he is a keen advocate for a strong nutritional foundation for optimal wellness as it relates oral and overall health. Whether it is creating a new smile, or restoring greater oral health, a strong health partnership and relationship is an essential goal.

Dr. Wasserman has maintained a lot of continuing education, in keeping with the great advancements that dentistry offers. He is certified through the World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI) in laser dentistry. In addition, he has completed Postgraduate studies at the University of Buffalo Cosmetic Program, Millennium Aesthetic Institute, and the Canadian Institute for Cosmetic Dental Education (CICDE).

The office utilizes intra oral cameras ….to see what’s going on, educational computer videos view overhead TV entertainment during treatment safe digital x-rays, including 360 panoramic images taken externally.

In the time he served the Scarborough community, what has remained a constant has been a level of comfort and care that the doctors and staff strive to provide for each and every patient to make a difference in people’s health and well being.