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Why do I need to have x-rays?
X-rays are a vital part of diagnosing tooth decay and other issues with your oral health. X-rays can tell us things that we cannot see. Tooth decay can develop under the gum line or in between two teeth. This type of decay is not visible to the naked eye it will only be visible on an x-ray.

We can see the development and position of erupting teeth on a child or the position of wisdom teeth.

X-rays can lead us to the source of infection or pain in the mouth. Often times a patient presents with pain but cannot locate the source of the pain. Looking at the teeth there may be large fillings on each molar. An x-ray to see under the current fillings and see the root tip of a molar can help a dentist determine which tooth is causing the pain and needs to be treated.

How Often Should I Have X-Rays?
For your first visit at the Urban Dental Center a series of x-rays will probably be taken. Below are the type of x-ray and how often the specific x-ray is taken

A Panoramic x-ray will be taken. This x-ray gives us a full view of all your teeth and facial bone structure, sinuses, temporomandibular joints, cysts or bony tumors. The x-ray is best for revealing the position of wisdom teeth. This x-ray is taken approximately every 5 years. The dentist may request that you have one more frequently if he/she needs a more recent panorex to diagnose treatment. This x-ray is taken extraoraly (outside of the mouth).



Series of bitewing x-rays will also be taken at your first visit to the dental office and every 6-12 months following your initial visit at your recall visit. For adults 4 bitewings are taken and for children 2 bitewings are taken. These x-rays are taken to show the dentist in between the teeth, decay in the crown of the tooth or under a current filling. A bitewing x-ray can also show bone level around a tooth. These x-rays are taken intraoraly (inside the mouth). Bitewings are taken at your first appointment and are taken every 6mnths during your recall examination and cleaning.

bitewing bitewing

These x-rays are taken if there is a specific concern. It shows the entire tooth all the way down to the root tip. It can be used to see infection on the root tip of a tooth which cannot be seen clearly on any other type of x-ray. A periapical x-ray can also give us a good view of bone loss around a tooth. These x-rays are taken intraoraly (inside the mouth).


How Safe Are X-Rays?
X-rays have come a long way over the years. At the Urban Dental Centre we use the most current in technology. We are equipped with digital x-rays. These x-rays require much less radiation than traditional x-rays do. You are protected with a lead apron which radiation cannot penetrate through, every time an x-ray is taken. For more information on digital x-rays, refer to the "what's new" section of our website.
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